Festival of the Arts

My original plan was to take the kids to the Festival of the Arts on Friday, a school holiday. As I watched the forecast this week, though, I changed the plan. I chose the warmer sunnier afternoon--today! They were very excited.

One of the things the Festival of the Arts is famous for is their International Food Row. We circled the stands--and got her a special order of a bowl of vanilla ice cream.
He settled on Strawberry Newport. I almost missed a picture of any of it. I started to get some Indian food but then smelled the barbeque in the next stand and jumped lines. I hadn't had lunch and was hungry!

She likes to listen to girls singing.

We walked back up to the upper level and discovered the Crystal Bridge was free today! It is an indoor tropical conservatory, with a wet zone and a dry zone.

Our next stop was the playground area. They needed to run free!

I dragged them out of here and headed toward the Young at Art Mart, where kids are allowed to shop their own art. I think these are donated by the artists, and nothing costs more than $5. This is one of Isaac's most favorite parts of the festival.
We wandered through a few more of the booths. Isaac was really interested in these shoes again, some paper cuttings, and the homemade journals. And the photography.

 I spied this booth of Laura Nugent's, with art work that looks like modern quilts. We also found the booths of the artists who created the prints the kids each selected. As we rounded the corner I spied the booth of Gail Pendergrass--I should've taken a picture! If you go, take one for me! Here is a small picture in a news article. I loved the colors and the smoothness . I found a small bowl, with a sky blue base fading into a sunny yellow, and brought it home.

That was our art experience for the day. I have one more art idea for tomorrow and then I'm gonna stop thinking about it. Well, at least until the weekend is over and I get to help Isaac pick out a photograph for his school art fair.