last week

I am through with the Bible study chapter on fasting from tv and other forms of media, so I can type on here again. I fasted from blogs and instagram. Some tv but I don't watch it much to begin with and wasn't home much to watch it. I could say I fasted from March Madness since I didn't see one game--but that wasn't intentional. But now I have a week's worth of posts. I have decided to lump them into three posts: "last week," "the weekend," and "quilt"(or something slightly more catchy).

So last week. I went to my home town to visit a friend about some quilts she wanted to commission and walked out the door with SIX quilts to make for her. Well, really five, since she wants one that I had already made. These will be Christmas gifts so there is plenty of time, but I did spend most of last week tracking down the fabric I wanted and needed for these. Now I have bins all over the place in my sewing room. I also spent some time making a schedule for all the quilts I have planned for the months ahead. I do better (stress less) if I have some sort of schedule of which ones I want to do when. I may not stick to it completely but it does give me a visual of what I need/want to accomplish.

On Friday, my daughter had a school fundraiser for St. Jude's-a trike-a-thon. She ended up finishing 64 laps, which is probably the longest she has ever been on her bike. She loved it! They rode for 30 minutes, took a cookie break, rode again for 20 or 30 minutes, took another break, and then finished up. I was thankful I got to attend, although I was also really ready to leave by the end too.

That's all I remember from last week, besides going to work. I'll post a bit about work on the next one.