on a break

Today was a off day of sorts. After the busy extended weekend (pictures to come later), and with another busy extended weekend looming in a couple of days, I took a bit of a break. Not a lay around the house kind of break. Don't have the discipline to do that. Instead I bought a few groceries for the next two weeks, at least what I could find at that store. I dug around in our basement for things to take to the garage sale at my sister's house next weekend. I went to a giant work lunch in honor of assistant's day. I made some cookies. I searched around in the kitchen to find what is making a stinky smell (I think it is the trash). I found a window that would open -- don't ask -- to get a bit of fresh air in there and emptied everything I could move off of the floor and mopped. It looks slightly less dirty. I am not a good mopper. Then it was time to get the kids.

I laid out these quilt blocks last week and have left them up for a few days to see what needed to be adjusted. I think I am about ready to sew it up. It is only six rows of blocks so it shouldn't take too long.

As I waited to proceed with this quilt, and didn't want to start the May ones yet, I decided to cut all the blocks for a quilt of my own. I have had the fabric for this one in a bin for a few months.

There will be a lot more blocks like that. The pattern is Bizzy Kid from Cluck Cluck Sew, and is one I settled on to highlight that Folklorico fabric (the big blocks). I modified it a bit to go with the fabric I was using. For May I might work some more on this. My priority however will be to make a quilt for the girl I mentor, then the pink quilt (at least the top), and one of two baby quilts I am making for a friend having twins.

Want to see what other quilty people are doing this week? Check out Fresh Squeezed Fabrics Show and Tell Tuesday.

One more day of "break" and then the craziness begins.


  1. Thanks for sharing your "break"! They sound like mine! LOL

    I really like your Bow-Tie" blocks! Such lovely colors and fabrics!


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