Quilty stuff {with April quilt 1}

My Grandma Harrell loved to make us things. Every year she made us Christmas ornaments, many of which I still have. One year, I think when I was in high school, she made each of us girls a quilt. Mine was navy blue. Since most of the clothes she bought me and other things she made me were usually purple, this was unusual. I think she must have asked. I think my sister got one that was a different blue. I can't remember what color my cousin got.

Each of these blocks has these handstitched stars.

When she gave me the quilt, she also gave me all the leftover fabric. I of course still had it, even though this would have been about 20 or more years ago. As I type that, I just realized how long she has been gone.

Back in January I started pulling a few fabrics together to make a quilt.
I ordered more blues and greens, and this week I finally finished it. The fabric has been sitting in a bin for several months, first all folded and then cut. I used the "Beach Hut" pattern from Jane Brocket's book The Gentle Art of Quiltmaking, modified to my own size. I'm glad it took me awhile to get to it, because it is really a perfect April quilt, with it baby leaf greens, sky blues, and the navy and white of every Easter dress I picked out every year in high school (I don't pick them out that much anymore).

It is a smallish throw, about 4' square. I really liked the pattern, which is a basic rail fence. It sewed together quickly. And for the back I used some of those leftover pieces from my grandma, with a few of the quilt top strips thrown in.

As I mentioned in one of the post's yesterday, I have also been prepping for some quilt commissions.
This is a bit of one:
I will finish the doll size of it this month.
And a pile of another:
That looks like a next month project.

The other project I will finish this month is this one, with 2/3's of the top finished (but wrapped up to be a surprise):

The other bundle of fabric I started this week is one for my mother-in-law. I still need to gather some blues and figure out what I will do with it all once I have it, but I love the fabrics. A LOT.

The last little bit of quilty fun for the week is a freebie. I learned this week that my church was giving away some old sewing machines, machines they had used many years ago as part of their Friendship International ministry to teach students English. So I went for a look and lugged one up the stairs to my office.

It seems to work when I turn it on, and still has all the attachments and instruction books. I loved the knee treadle, at least in theory. My foot treadle on my machine always scoots away. I loved the cabinet too. I still plan to take some fabric and thread to test it out before I keep it for sure. At least it fits really well in my office until then, and until I can figure out where to put it at my house. Unless I get inspired on how to use it at the church.