last day

My daughter attends two classes, the morning pre-K and then the preschool class that meets next door. It was the same class she attended last year, which seemed like a grand idea at the time. In hindsight I'm not so sure, but it's done now.

This is her pre-K teacher, Mrs. Duffy. She lives in Moore but is ok. Her kids are ok. Her house is ok. Her city, not so much. The school down the street (but out of district for her kids) not so much.

One of the achievements of this school year that my daughter is most proud of is her monkey bar skills.

She can even do a mid-air turn when she gets to the end to go back the other way. She is super strong.

After a bit on the playground for the picnic, her other class gathered to sing a couple of songs.

This is Ms. Mary, her preschool teacher.

My son is older and didn't have all the parties. They didn't do much for the past week, but Friday was a bit anticlimactic. He did get to go to a friend's end of school swim party after school though.

That's it. We're all ready for summer. We started on a summer list but haven't written it all down. We're going on a picnic today along with our Memorial Day trip back to the cemetery. My son is cleaning his room to earn spending money for vacation, hurrying to get done so he can get the "early finish bonus." My daughter woke us up at about 6:15 this morning, so I'm just thinking of all the extra hours of fun we will have getting up that early EVERY day. Not really. It will be ok this week because I have a lot to prep for the weeks ahead, but I hope at some point she can stretch out that sleeping time until at least 7, or I'm going to have to go to bed earlier.