little bits

Last Saturday, my sister and I had a garage sale. The weather was gorgeous and business was steady until lunch time. One thing my sister got rid of was this table. Sometimes these things happen. Now I have a sewing table that doesn't bounce when I sew and give me motion sickness. I moved that folding table to the opposite wall (you see can see it there on the left) to make myself a better cutting table. Instead of using the bench I sat on. I moved a chair that didn't have a home up here. So far it seems much better. Someday I may make a chair cover like these for that chair.

Tuesday was the rescheduled 4th grade "testing is over now and we are crazy" party. The weather was great for that too, and included the ever popular egg toss.

He caught that one. I have a better one of one of his friends (who missed) but this is not his mama's blog. Just picture egg yolk all over one side of the forehead. Awesome.

Yesterday was my wedding anniversary. The big 15. With the plans for the weekend, and it falling on a Thursday, we didn't plan to go on any big trips or anything like that. Enough of those coming up anyway. We did go eat at Victoria's. And I made him this:

Also yesterday, my uncle passed away. It was the day after his 64th birthday. That is actually the reason I went ahead and made the pie. We had leftover cheesecake from a Kids Hope teacher appreciation lunch in the fridge.

I had planned to make the pie for weeks but started to think maybe a should wait a few days, until the cheesecake was gone. But then my uncle passed away and in the middle of working through that, I resolved to make the pie anyway. I can't be just putting stuff off. Life is too short. The pie crust recipe is from Pioneer Woman, the "Pam's piecrust" one and the rest is my mom's recipe. The cheesecake was from Meg's Whatever blog and is called "Pam's Cheesecake." I think these are two different Pam's.

We have a four square set up in our living room now, amidst all the other random stuff that is currently piled in there. Apparently it's big at Lincoln Elementary now.

I had this for breakfast. It was going to be a rough morning.

My husband needed to use the car today for a meeting, so I was in charge of taking both kids to school. On our bikes. My son was worried about the route, because their usual walking route is terrible for bikes, especially a four year old on a bike. I knew a better one though and we headed out. The four year old has a little bike and is still a little unsure about it, and she likes to look at the scenery, so it took us a little longer than I had hoped. I think we got him there in time for morning assembly. I think.

The rest of the ride was less stressful, because we had more time. It is still difficult following a four year old on a bike though.

Especially if you try to take pictures while doing it. This is me almost crashing into that wooden picket fence.

And this is the dense "forest" we had to pass. It is a great path in the summer. Super shady. I stopped riding the bike to take this one.

We also passed two dead toddler birds but I spared everyone and didn't take pictures of those.

I think that's all I planned to post. I'm sure I think of something else after I hit "publish," but it'll have to wait until another post. I still have some cleanup to do in our foursquare room before I head out for the afternoon bike rides.