May quilt #1 and a whole bunch more

It was a bit of a crazy weekend, starting with a Kid's Hope mentor indoor picnic on Thursday and mushrooming from there. I had a goal to finish the quilt top on Friday--and I did that night. I knew this one was going to need to be my first free motion quilt because I couldn't figure out any good way to straightline quilt it. So after a few practices on Sunday evening while the rest of the family was having some sort of band practice downstairs, I started it. And then finished it! Quilting in swirl squiggles at high speed goes way faster than I expected. I had a few crazy squiggles but when I got done (as always), I looked at it and thought "That looks like a real quilt!" I am pretty sure I think that every single time I finish one, and I am always in doubt about mid-way through the piecing process.

This is one of the commissioned ones, so I will also be making a matching doll size quilt soon. The backing is a pretty floral flannel, and is a little more pink than the picture indicates.

 You can see some crazy squiggles on this red part. Character.

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The rest of the weekend included:

This piano recital

And this one:

And a birthday party:

And an in-town soccer tournament:

She wanted to be like brother.

We also celebrated Mother's Day with my mother-in-law, but I didn't seem to take any pictures of that. I do have this one from the weekend before of Grace dancing with her grandpa.

It's a little grainy but fun anyway. And now I am exhausted from trying to figure out where all of my phone pictures uploaded, as always. It puts them in different files each time and this time one picture went in one file while the rest went in another. First world problems, as my husband would say.