May quilt 2 {purple stripes}

Five years ago I started working part time as the director of a mentoring program called Kid's Hope USA. My job is to recruit and train church members to be mentors for at-risk students at a local elementary school, the same school my children attend. As part of that, I got to be a mentor to an elementary child. The first year I worked with a 2nd grade boy. He moved away over the summer, so I worked for the next three years with a sweet little girl from Nepal. She moved away this past summer. After waiting to see how the students lined up with mentors this school year, I chose a 5th grader. She had been in the program for a few years, but I couldn't match up her schedule with her mentor's this time. So I took her. This will be our only year together and our last meeting is Friday. I finished up her quilt last night.

I took some quilt books one mentoring session to figure out what styles she liked. I knew she liked purple because she chose purple anytime there were color choices. And of course that day she said she wanted a blue one. She picked a block she liked. I was glad I had checked with her because it was not one I would have chosen. Then about a week later I discovered the March-April Quilty magazine and found the perfect quilt for her. It is called Homestead and was designed by Cori Derksen and Myra Harder. I took it to my student and she liked it. I chose to omit the gray border and backing because, well, I didn't like it.

I took pictures this morning. It was cloudy. I thought--oh this will be better than those blaring sun days. But the purple doesn't look right. The purple in the Homestead link is a much better match. It has more red in it than it appears here. If I had finished a week earlier, I would have had some purple irises to match in this first picture!

This was my first all solids quilt and my first strip piecing. As you can see in this picture, the black shows lint a lot so I probably won't do many more that have that much solid black. Otherwise, it was an easy pattern, as the magazine says. It would work well with other solid colors, and maybe even with patterned fabric.


  1. Great color choices but I know what you mean by the black and every thread/lint/dog hair! Great job!


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