our weekend

The kids were out of school Friday. I had shifted the plans to allow for rain, but it didn't. We delivered the quilt and get ready to leave for an out of town soccer tournament early the next morning. There was piano lessons and gymnastics and that's about all I remember.

So Saturday. Broken Arrow soccer tournament. A little colder than we expected but OK.

Two wins. Two shut outs. Our team scored 27 points in those two games. 

After the second game I took a trip across town to visit my uncle in the hospital. He had been in and out since the last time I had been able to visit him at the beginning of Spring break. Drastic difference in him since then too.

The entrance is by the children's wing, so I saw this as I went in. Turns out, I NEEDED to see this as I went in, and as I left. And as I left I realized that all of my family members who have been ill, who have died even, have never been sick like my uncle is. He and his family (my mom included) really need your prayers.

The team had two more soccer games on Sunday. We ate a delicious breakfast at Egg It On.

I didn't get a picture of my daughter with chocolate smeared all over her face after eating these. You just had to be there! We went back to the house to wait. I sat on the lounge chair in the sun most of that time. A restful, healing Sabbath.

The two game that afternoon were tougher but they ended with two more shutouts.  And a first place finish!

Such a great group of guys who play well together, work hard, and are just great kids.