the backyard

Every day this week, as soon as we get home from school, we head outside and stay out there until I need to make dinner. Sometimes we are on the front porch. Today we went to the back yard. Being outside with my kids a lot means I see lots of this:

We have lots of brick borders around flower beds and ever since my son was about three, they are always all wonky. They get moved A LOT. Now both of the kids are doing it. They save the worms for the turtles, so at least we are saving a little money on pet food.

The roses and irises are blooming. Every May they start blooming and I remember how much I like May.

The trumpet vine is also starting to grow. You can see a little of it creeping into this bed. And this is half of the pile of vines we pulled down ahead of time.  The other half is in bins in the alley to get picked up this week. When we first pulled it down, the kids made a fort with it. But then we had to move the pile and mow. And then move it to a different place and mow again. So it needs to get out of the way.

This is William the turtle. You can see his orangish head peeking out under his little pavillion.

He likes it better when it is warmer.
This is the outside of his turtle enclosure. One of the kids' summer projects will be to paint the blocks. I can't wait to see how they paint it.

This is our other turtle.

He seems to be the last survivor of the five we got in the fall. I have another one in the turtle enclosure waiting to see if it is hibernating or not. This one has been the strongest and healthiest for awhile. That is a worm in his mouth. I've been calling him Little Buddy.

Yesterday was very warm so I decided it was time for Little Buddy to join William in the turtle enclosure. I put him out there, fed both of them, and wandered away. When I brought the kids home and took them out there to look, well, he was well hidden so I couldn't bring him back in. If you leave anywhere close to here, you know that it stormed last night. Little Buddy got his first downpour I really should check the weather before I make these grand decisions. Today was a little cool, so he is still holed up somewhere. He kinda blends in.
Do you see him?
Maybe in another year when he is bigger we will get to see him again. There is only one spot in there I can even step in to look around, that bare spot in the middle. I'm afraid I'll accidentally crush him. Maybe when it is warmer and he starts moving around one of us will spot him. Surely if the kids can find little rolypolies and worms, they can spot a turtle.

And finally, this is bits of the garden.

Looks like I need to get some weeds out of there. See my fancy plant labels? I saw a post the other day about making some plant markers and laughed. I found a few of the white ones leftover from last year. I dug around in the craft supplies and found some popsicle sticks. That was what I could do. That was enough. I think if I tried some sort of project like that the plants would be grown before I was able to finish. And I would need to buy that cool Dremel Moto Saw. The other ones are pretty though.

Thanks for joining us in the backyard today!