a bit more

First a few pictures I missed from the first days. My sister sent me a couple of my son from Disney World, since she ended up spending much of the morning with him and the guys (the anti-princess group).

I also forgot to mention the restaurant from dinner on Monday, Cafe Tu Tu Tango. I recommend it if you are in the area. It serves tapas style, so you can share (or not). The prices are great and the food was too.

 Now on to beach day.
Before we left I did some research to find a beach that more beachy and less touristy. Canaveral National Seashore looked promising so we went there. We stopped at the visitor center at the south end of the area to find out where to go (and where not to go) and then headed on out. We checked out the beach over the dune from the first parking area and found our spot.

Those goggles ended up as a gift to the fishes.

Rain was approaching so we changed and loaded up (along with a lot of sand) to drive through the wildlife reserve. The rain hampered our chances for gator sighting a bit but we still spotted a few.

We also saw glimpses of a manatee or two, but no pictures of that.

The next day five of us headed to Universal Islands of Adventure. I liked the architecture in the entrance area.

Grace liked Seuss Landing.

Isaac liked the Harry Potter section--although he was quite disappointed with the huge mass of people and the price of the wands.

He did find some of those jellybeans with the long name and bizarre flavors at HoneyDukes, so that made up for a bit. Looks like he has a mouthful here.

Ended up back at Seuss Landing and then left before the daily afternoon downpour. This is the one that lasted through all of Thursday, due to the tail end of Tropical Storm Andrea. We knew rain was expected that day, so we spent much of our time at the outlet mall. No pictures from there, but there were also a lot of people there with us who thought it was a good day for shopping.

One more day of pictures still to post, from Animal Kingdom, and then maybe I will have something else to talk about. Like VBS from this week, or some sewing. I have started doing that in little spurts, but much free time this week, just as I suspected.