This weekend we celebrated a belated Father's Day and an early birthday with my in-laws. But before that could happen, my daughter had a birthday part to go to. One of her best friends was having a party at Splash Pad.

It got hot quickly and grandparents were waiting, so we headed home. We handed out presents and the guys played a little music for awhile. Then they left for Man of Steel.

The rest of us ended up at Hobby Lobby.


After dinner we ate this yummy cake. It is the Chocolate Nutella Strawberry cake recently featured on Pioneer Woman's show. Only two layers though.

On Sunday--one more celebration. Our church has started a remodel and so we needed a groundbreaking, with a jack hammer!

Little less partying going on now. Decided the kids should actually do the daily chore on their chore chart, and I mowed the yard. Wish their were a few less mosquitos so we could enjoy the cut grass more, but still grateful for the abundance of rain that has brought them to us.

Off to go clean up a mess or two.