Getting outta here

The recent storms and the nightly trips to the basement for tornadoes made me really thankful for the chance to get away for a family trip to Florida last week. We weren't sure if we were going to be able to even fly out, since the airport was really close to the El Reno tornado path and had lost power. It was back on the next morning though so we headed out.

Our first day was at Magic Kingdom.
 This is why most of the pictures are of my daughter rather than my son.

First stop for some of us was the princesses.

And then that was enough princesses for me.

After we left Magic Kingdom, we made a stop at the Lego store.

See? Still no pictures of my son and he was REALLY happy here.

We spent the next day at the resort (except for a short trip to Ikea) to recover from all that Disney Magic.

Lizards. Everywhere. A dream come true.

I'll post some more pics of the rest of the trip in a day or so. I'm not very good at limiting myself on pictures from each day so it's better to just split it up a little. Up next--the beach, Universal Islands of Adventure, and MAYBE Animal Kingdom.