June quilt 1 (finally)-- my folklorico quilt

This one is bright, full of the colors of late spring and early summer, so it needed to be done now. I bought the Alexander Henry Folklorico fabric about a year ago but wasn't sure what to do with it. It is a large scale, high volume print. I wanted something colorful, and somewhat organic although I knew my skills are ready for a total organic design. While looking through websites for ideas, I came across the Bizzy Kid pattern by Allison Harris of Cluck Cluck Sew. I could modify it a little to keep the Folklorico squares big to highlight the print, but have enough other elements to keep it more organic and balance out all that color. I also used a rainbow stripe for one block instead of sewing a striped block.

The backing is a floral I found at Joann's last week and is labeled  AMF "Spring to Life." The binding is a stripe I found there that reminded me of a Mexican blanket (a very bright one). I got it in case I needed to stretch the backing fabric but decided to use it as binding instead. I kept the quilting pretty minimal.

This one is for me. The next one I should finish (maybe by Monday) is the gift one, and the final one I might finish this month is a commissioned one. That is the pattern I try to follow--one to keep and learn, one to give, and one to sell. I just downloaded a couple of on-sale Craftsy classes to learn some new techniques, and will try to work those in as I can. I just pulled a bunch of leftover squares and strips to make one too, probably a patchwork since a lot are already cut in squares but maybe, I should watch some of the classes to see if it could be used with one of them! 


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