June quilt 2 {for the girl} and a bit more works in progress

I gave away the baby quilts today so it's time to post the pictures of the second one. I finished it on Monday.

I used Jeni Baker's tutorial on incolororder.com for this one. And you would think that I would realize how big it would be since it clearly states the size, but it didn't really register until I tried to lay it out and could barely get it to fit on my queen size bed.

Most of the fabric is from the Michael Miller Les Amis line, except for that peach and green stripe and the larger scale print with the cream background. Those two are from Heather Bailey's Freshcut collection. The backing is a green and white striped flannel.

So I have four more days of June. I'm not sure that I will complete any more this month. I have lots of works in progress so it might happen.

I've started sewing these pieces for a commissioned throw quilt:
It is the one most likely to be completed next. Only 11 more rows (these are hanging sideways) to piece!

A week or so ago I took my kids with me to Joann's and both got me to buy them fabric for a quilt. My son ended up doing a strip pieced design and we finished the top this week.

This was pre-ironing. After he cut the strips they were in a pile in his room for a few days while I finished up the other quilt. I loved the speed of this style of quilt. I always freeze up when thinking about making one for myself, getting lost trying to think out what sizes to cut all those strips.

I also pulled a few piles of fabric for some future quilts to try and weed out the mound of fabric.
A lot of these were leftovers from other quilts, some precut even. I cut up the rest and even started laying it out in the middle of the living room and then realized my numbered pins were already in use for that purple patchwork. And that the middle of the living room floor is not really a good "leave it out until it's time to sew this thing" work space. I pinned those four rows and then stuck the set back in a bag until later.

After strip piecing the Thunder quilt, I took out a mini stack and started cutting.

This will be a baby quilt, probably to sell, although there are a lot of babies about to be born at my church.

This two stacks are just to set aside for later, probably the fall if I stick to my schedule.

I think I had a plan for this pile, because I remember shooting for a particular number of fabrics and stuck it in a bin. Maybe I should go back and read my blog?  I really should write these things down.