the beginning of summer

We took some time one day last week to hang out at the duck pond near our house. I had told my daughter that we could go there in the mornings now that we don't have school, to see all sorts of birds and other animals. The very next day she insisted we go.

We saw lots of babies.

These were toddler Canadian geese. Very odd looking.

She said she wanted to be a statue.

We also spent some time at my parents' house on Memorial Day after going by the cemetary. It was too windy to eat the picnic we brought at the lake so we ate there. It was our box lunch inspired menu.

As we started to leave, I spotted a snake. Once we decided it wasn't a baby green mamba, Isaac wanted to pick it up. We have watched a few snake shows, so we knew what to do.

He let it go in the monkey grass. We don't keep snakes anymore. They escape.

So glad to be able to spend some slower summer days with my kids, and that they like to spend our days outside!