the end of the family trip

The evening of the big rain, I went out exploring with my husband and kids. They had gone out earlier in the week and found several toads and snails. Because of the rain, we found LOTS more that night.

We each found a toad. I still can't believe Isaac spotted that tiny frog in the dark.

On our last day in Florida, we went to Animal Kingdom, the Disney zoo.

I loved this "tree," which is in the center of the park.

We were hot that day--it was super steamy--and a little tired from the week. I think a lot of people saved this for their last day too. I did like this park but would probably like it more during the winter. I especially liked that it had more hands on activities and free play areas for the kids, including a Wilderness Explorer booklet. Magic Kingdom didn't have as much of that.

I also liked how it was set up (like our own zoo actually) into the Africa and Asia zone, but was surprised that they didn't include more Disney movie tie-ins in those areas. Maybe they are trying to keep the focus on the animals but it was weird to see no Jungle Book anything in Asia and very little Lion King in Africa. And of course maybe it was just so crowded that I missed it.

I did like this ice cream truck.

We spent a lot of time in the Africa section, mainly because of the enormous line for the safari. I was glad the rest of the exhibits there were self-guided.

The next morning we made one quick walk around the resort to check for creatures (there were none except the water turtles) and then headed back home.

Isaac goes first. It's like some kind of rule of the universe. She usually needs to be closer to me to "give him space" and blah blah blah. There is a lot of blah blah blah (and that is probably scaring away more than her). He has a very large personal space bubble when hunting. I'm just glad they didn't find anything alive to want to bring home.

That's it. The last of the family trip pictures. I was hoping to wrap that up before I headed off on my July adventure, or finished another quilt. I did work in a little piecing this afternoon while my daughter "sorted the pins" so I can maybe finish one next week. Hopefully.