Saturday we finally used a groupon we bought a long time ago for the Museum of Osteology, or the "bone museum."

And then because the weather was much cooler yesterday, we went out to see some live animals at the zoo. Most of my pictures are of my children posing on the various statues all over the zoo. I have these same pictures of them doing this since they were big enough to sit there by themselves. Some day I will make a collage of Isaac sitting on one of them from each year. I'm pretty sure I have at least one on the goose and the baby rhino. But since that will require me to scan in a few from his first years, just enjoy these from this year now. I was thrilled that he ASKED me to take his picture and even smiled.

We fed some giraffes.

We fed some lorikeets.

But mostly we just wandered around and looked for animals.
 We saw one of these grizzlies run and then jump to try to get something from a tree.  Not sure if it was a squirrel or what, but it was amazing to see that bear jump. Glad he didn't growl too.