around Kodiak

Kodiak is the southern part of Alaska, a green island in the summer and white in the winter. Most of the island is a natural refuge, inaccessible by car.

Cindy Bradley

These were our hosts, the Bradleys. He is the Protestant chaplain at Air Station Kodiak. She used to be my babysitter. And, yes, that is a lot of orange for this blog.

I have kept these pictures smallish because I am posting so many. I think if you click on them you can see them a little bigger.

My parents, cousin, and I stayed in this cabin at the Russian River Roadhouse. Most of the rest of our group stayed in the main building.

 raindeer sausage and cheese omelet and blueberry pancakes. yum.

Our hosts helped us pick through all the options for our free time. We started on Saturday with this visitor center to give us an overview of the island. After that, we did some VBS setup.

The next day was Sunday.

Afterwards several of us went to Fort Abercrombie State Park and to the Military History Museum there. I don't remember where the others went. I was very happy with my choice.

The next afternoon, some chose to go salmon fishing, while a few of us really wanted to go to Fossil Beach on the south end of the island.

And this is the river they should have been fishing in. That's a fish by her foot.

that streak of white down that rock is fossils

we saw a lot of these

only one of these

After dinner, we went to a beach on Women's Bay for smore's, fireworks, 4 wheeling, and mosquitoes.

this was at 7:20 p.m. there

The next afternoon my group ate at Monk's Rock (forgot pictures), then went to the Baranov Museum and the Russian Orthodox church while we waited for our flightseeing turn.

And then it was our turn on the plane.

Jennifer, me, Dot, Brenda, Bill, and Mike our pilot

 A game of Alaska Monopoly

A local family gave us some fish, so Cindy and others cooked up a fish buffet for dinner.

The next afternoon (Wednesday), some of us went deep sea fishing. We all joined back together that evening for a cookout with Frontier Baptist Church at Buskin River.

the Coast Guard runway launches these over the river

ONLY A LITTLE BIT MORE. Hang in there.

Thursday afternoon my cousin Jennifer and I deviated from our usual lunch to eat next door at Java Flats.

That afternoon we went to the Native American museum and then did a little shopping.

Thursday night was the late night trip to Hammock Forest. I think this is the Russian River. These pictures were taken at about 10:30 p.m. there.

Friday, a little bit more shopping, then lunch all together at Old Powerhouse. 

And then packing and flying and flying and flying and then home.

Thanks for letting me enjoy this adventure with you, FBC Tecumseh!