Coast Guard Alaska VBS

We're back.

We went to Kodiak Alaska to lead  Vacation Bible School for Coast Guard children, many of whom had arrived at the beginning of July.

My cousin and I (mostly her) taught a class for the first and second graders.

This VBS gave the children a chance to meet some new kids before school starts, and since we held it in the school, also gave them a mini tour of the school. The lessons on facing fears and trusting God were SO important and helpful for them too, as they face constant moving and parent deployments along with the every day stress of life. And bears too, although we never saw any.

They were wonderful kids. It was great fun being with them each morning last week. I pray that our time there makes a huge difference in their lives in the weeks, months, and years ahead.

In my next post (or posts), I'll share more about how we spent our afternoons and evenings while in Kodiak--the Kodiak that looks like this: