Kodiak selfies

I still haven't figured out which pictures to share on here of Kodiak itself, so I'll start with some pictures I don't usually include--ones of me! 

This is me, my cousin, and some of the girls from our class.

me at Fort Abercrombie State Park

me in the Kodiak Military History Museum

me in a Coast Guard fire truck, in the station next to the school

me on Fossil Beach, on the south end of the island

me riding Andrew's atv one evening

my cousin and I getting ready to go flightseeing

me getting to sit next to the pilot while flightseeing

me catching the mighty sculpin while fishing for halibut

me on a little rope swing at the Buskin River Beachhouse

I rode on a different rope swing but didn't get a picture of that, since I was on the swing. With both cameras in my pocket.

Me on the beach by Hammock Forest and the rope swing. This was at around 10:45 p.m. It is hard to go inside when it is still light and we are going to have to go home the next day.

OK. Next time pictures of just Kodiak.