last quilt of June -- the fox hourglass baby quilt

It was not a crazy busy weekend, so I had time to piece together the top for the purple patchwork. I knew I would not be able to complete the quilt by today though, and really didn't need to rush it (and mess it up) to meet an arbitrary deadline.

So . . . I finished up the little baby quilt. I haven't washed it yet and it is too bright out right now to take the good pictures, but here it is anyway.

As you can see, I used some of the leftover prints for a pieced backing. I think the whole thing measures about 31 x 31 or so.

So that's it for June, since it is now July. I have a few things planned for this week like the zoo (today), going to work, taking the kids to appointments, and doing some final packing, so I'm not sure what if any quilt projects I will work on this week. More than likely, I will just prep that patchwork to be quilted when I get back, and cut up some fabric for the two other quilts I hope to do in July. Both of those are commissioned ones, so giving myself a head start will help me take my time on them later.