slow and steady

I decided to do something about by bedroom this weekend--clean it--so progress on the quilt has been slow. I do have all of the small blocks finished, and almost half off the larger ones complete.

The rest of them are laid out and still getting moved around a bit. Especially when I take a picture of them and see four of the same in a column. It's a bit tedious at this point.

While I was cleaning, I didn't want to work on this quilt, but decided to cut up some fabric for the next commissioned quilt. It's the last of the set of six.

My daughter wanted to join me in the sewing room, so I put her to work on her own quilt. She had selected most of the fabric on the same trip as her brother, when he started on the Thunder quilt. I asked her how she wanted it to look. She couldn't find paper in her immediate circle, so she drew it on this shell.

I could start cutting from there. I handed her cut pieces and she laid it out. We had to make one trip to Hobby Lobby to get one more -- and ended up with a fat quarter set of princess stuff. But it worked.

I have a sheet to use for the back when I get to it, maybe after I finish piecing the other one.

Now I'm off to drop off a kid at camp and then to work!


  1. I really love the squares and rectangles together! This looks like a fun layout to play with!


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