summer days with a bit of rain--and a quilt!

Last week was full of sports camps and time with friends.

I spent time driving across town for that and also reading some new books. Not at the same time.

 I tried a cassoulet recipe from this book, since I had some new veggies from the garden.

Friday rained a lot. I went out to do something and decide to put on my rain gear to pull some weeds in the garden while the dirt was soft. Soon both kids joined me out there, and harvested those veggies.
 I've already used all the carrots and roasted the beets. They are stashed in the freezer. I will try one in a smoothie, hoping that the change of texture will help my son's taste buds ignore it.

I finished up Grace's quilt.

 I even worked her name into the quilting. She REALLY liked that.

Today we joined my cousin and her kids at White Water Bay. Neither of my kids had been there yet, and I don't think I've been there since high school. They loved it! Until the rain moved in and made it a bit too cold.

With any luck (and time), I'll have one more quilt to post this week. The top is done. The backing is ready. I even bought thread. All I have to do now to move a whole lot of paper and other projects my daughter started on the living room floor (with her help) so I can baste it. If I don't get distracted by other things to do with my kids.