a little bit of a lot of weekend

My Saturday began early. I had a meeting to attend at 8:00 a.m. and knew I needed to finish some birthday party prep before I left. You never can tell how long these meetings are going to last. Our car was needed to get Isaac to a 10:00 soccer practice, so hoped I could at least make it back by then. And I did.

The party started at 11 at a local Splashpad. It awesome weather--just warm enough in the sun that the girls could have fun without being too cold or too hot. The temperature in the shade, where us grownups were, was cool, cool enough that the girls had to wrap up in towels when they came to visit the food. Definitely not our typical August weather.

 all the girls (including the one hanging back on the red pole)

 the grandpas

After some afternoon downtime (except for Isaac who went to a pool party), we headed out for my dad's birthday dinner. Steak.
beard buddies

Sunday was more of the same. I spent a little bit of time with some two year olds (and my daughter the helper) at church.

I took a little bit of a nap, then got up in time to wish my son well as he went to soccer practice again. My daughter and I hung out the house for a bit, waiting for them to come back and pick us up.

Then we headed to our local bowling alley for a Back to School party for children and youth (and families) from our church.

We came back home in time for dinner and family movie time: The Sandlot.

A fun weekend as a whole, although I'd usually prefer these things not all bunch up on one weekend!