a Monday

here is where we were today, hour by hour:

8:00ish  retaking pictures of this quilt so I could add it to etsy

9:00ish hanging out at the playground with friends

10:00ish  packing up boxed lunches at our Family Life Center for disaster relief workers in this week from Texas

11:00ish  filling out lots of paperwork at school for my kids enrollment confirmation

12:00ish  Lunch. No pictures. I ate instead.

1:00ish  down time reading The Road Out and eating the last bit of homemade strawberry ice cream

3:00ish  off to deliver the quilts to a local donation center (their idea to go on scooters)

4:00ish made some dinner (chicken enchiladas) to take to a friend

5:30ish delivered dinner to my friend and her new baby

After that it was my own dinner (6:00ish) while watching some Megladon show, then Coast Guard Alaska and a Palladia show featuring Mumford and Sons (7:00ish). Then read to my kids and tuck them in (8:00ish). Then type this blog (9:00ish). 
Which is now.

Happy Monday!