Baby Basket quilt {1st August quilt}

This weekend I started looking toward fall. I started making my Fall List. Some of it is carry over items from the Summer List, things like camping that we didn't do before it got swelteringly hot. Or going fishing with the kids. I also worked out some of my "Year 40 Field Trips" and made a few plans of what I would like to do once the kids go back to school. Like work more hours (and a few more "fun" ideas, don't worry.)

And I worked out my quilt list for the last months of the year. Each month I try to make one quilt to sell (or one already commissioned), one to keep, and one to give away. I make this list, down to what specific ones to fit in where, and that seems to spur me to make completely different quilts. But it's a good guide. For the last few months the giveaway quilts have been for new babies, or birthdays, or that kind of thing. As I looked ahead, though, I didn't have any of those planned. I had read about the 100 Quilts for Kids charity quilt drive earlier in the week, and decided to go for it. This is the first one:

I have been sorting my fabric, reorganizing a bit, and found the blue pieces I had cut from A Walk in the Woods layer cake. I started sewing them to the solid strips, aiming to make a zig zag but then decided that method was going to waste to much of the fabric for such a small quilt. So I switched to this basketweave/rail fence kind of pattern, based off of the Tick Tock pattern in Growing Up Modern by Allison Harris.

I wanted to use a blue and white striped flannel for the back but didn't have a big enough piece. I dumped out the flannel bin and found the red flannel I had bought for 70% off last weekend. I liked the pattern although I had no idea what I would use it for when I bought it.

I washed this with three color catchers. I wasn't sure about the red solid on the front and was even less sure about that red flannel. No pink stripes!  I see a little white string I need to cut though.

I am looking for a local (in my town) organization to donate it to, but if I must I will give it to the Infant Crisis Center in OKC. I know they accept quilts from a local quilt shop. (Update: Just checked their website and they have a donation drop off site in my town!) If you are local and have suggestions let me know. I will make at least one more for the drive next month, and also have one I made last year that I plan to donate.


  1. this is a sweet little quilt - I love the backing fabric! :)

  2. It's such a pretty quilt--and I love the one to sell, one to keep, and one to give away idea. Happy sewing, and thanks for linking up to 100 Quilts!


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