Scrappy (the last August quilt)

I have started working more hours the past two weeks, in part because my children are back in school, but also because I am the interim community minister at my church again. It is a part-time job though, so I still have time to sew!

The last couple of weeks I have been working on an improv scrap quilt, a low volume one because that bin was overflowing. I was a little hesistant as I worked on it, not sure which were "low volume," and then Amanda at crazymomquilts posted a picture of her low volume quilt. That inspired me to finish. I almost cleaned out the bin. As I finished about 2/3's of the slabs, I decided to hold off a week. I had joined the Pink Castle Stash Stack Club to get a half stack of fabric each month, and the set arriving the month was "low volume." Once it arrived I pulled out 4 of the fat quarters and then stared at them trying to figure out how to work those into a "scrap" quilt. My solution? Hand them to my daughter.

I worked those scraps (the ones that weren't too small) in with what I had done already and finished it up today.

And the back is scrappy too.

I even used scrap batting. I wouldn't say it is my favorite quilt, but it will be a good quilt to have in the living room for the kids to use.

While I was in the yard taking these pictures, look what I found!
 Thankfully my children weren't around. They would love to see it but it would also probably end up dead.

I have also been working on another one--a high volume one. I need a bit more fabric for the stars so it probably won't be finished until next week sometime.

The pattern is from a Moda Bake shop book. I ordered the Simply Color charm packs last year, and maybe even the coordinating solids then too, once I figured out how I wanted to use the charm packs. And then it waited patiently in a bin.
Once I finish it, that will be quilt #30 for the year! Which means that at my current pace of 3ish a month I will have 40 quilts on my 40th year. Definitely did not plan that, but I guess I was an overachiever a few months!