some Friday finishes and other randomness

Celebrated a birthday in our family this week. Now he's as old as me.

Also celebrated the arrival of these. I had ordered them with a groupon a month ago. My order got stuck in the system, until I got tired of trying to remember the order and deluged them with email and facebook messages. Now here they are, ready for me to eat for lunch at work. Hopefully they taste yummy. If so, I've found their location in Target and can snag some more occasionally.
I just finished this quilt top. I will have to do some work on the backing to make it big enough, so I may move on to another project and come back to it later in the month. But this part is done. I call it Starburst.

On Wednesday I worked a bit more on my quilt plan and saw that I needed to figure out a couple of quilts to give away for this month and next month. I decided to make a couple of baby quilts. I can give them to an organization. Or I can give one to one of the multitude of pregnant women walking around my church. I came home and found a quick pattern in a Quilty magazine. I'll give more specifics on it once I finish the quilt. The top was small, simple to cut and piece, and did not use a lot of fabrics so I was able to put it together with what I had on hand.

This one will probably be the next quilt finish. Then on to a blue and white quilt.

And if you think that was fast, it is nothing compared to house demolition. Wednesday morning there were two houses on these lots--one here:
 and one here:

We watched the demo on this lot Wednesday. The house was down in 30 minutes. The power of the machinery! My quilts wouldn't go so fast without one either. Actually, they probably wouldn't happen at all.

Now I must go use some other machinery and cook dinner. Have a great holiday, football kickoff weekend!


  1. Beautiful quilts. I love the Starburst and how you play with solid nine patch. Very effective. Thanks for sharing. Stopping by from Crazy Mom Quilts. Marie (


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