The end of summer days

It is still hot outside here and still technically summer, but once school starts it's kinda over for the kids. The pools start closing (even though it might be hot for two more months) and there is just not as much free time-for them. We spent a little time the last few days soaking up the freedom and here are a few pics.

Last Thursday we went to the zoo. It is fairly large to cover in one day so this time we started on the north end. We usually miss that section.

These are my attempts to get a picture of my kids watching the sea lions, and the summation of their individual attitudes toward my camera.

This one worked. Most times I moved the camera that way she would automatically turn her head and smile. He would scrunch up.

On Monday we tried to go to Martin Park Nature Center in OKC and then Lake Hefner, like we did a couple of years ago. Martin Park was closed so we just went to Lake Hefner and walked.

We were a half mile away from a quilt shop at that point so I made a quick stop. They were so patient with my kids!

These are my two back to school pics, and then I gotta get to work.

 They choose their own clothes. He surprised us. I wish I had known this was blurry.