This past week, as we have passed the middle of my birthday year and as I was looking at what I still wanted to do--my "Fall List"--I have been thinking a lot. I started the interim job and am working through that. A job can be a consuming thing, especially when joining into it in the middle of tons of transition in how we do that ministry. A year or so ago I worked through the Chazown book and have these three areas that are by "happy place." These are reflected in that really long sentence at the top of my web page--celebrating life, creating, and cultivating curiousity (that one was a struggle to make fit the "c" pattern).  I even had a post about it but can't find it. These are how I'm built by the Creator, the person He made me to be to live out what He has called me to do.

The goals I set for myself for this year of 40 revolved around that. I made a plan to do something special each month. Sometimes this is travel. Ok, a lot of the time this has been travel, but sometimes it was just something special with my family. I even worked a garage sale with my sister in there. Spending time with family and friends and exploring the world are the best ways I know how to celebrate life. I have been creating a lot, making at least 3 quilts every month. I counted up what I have made and what is on the schedule for the next 4 months, and I should have 40 quilts by the end of the year! The last thing I make myself do, especially when I find myself scrambling around doing lots of things, making many plans, sending lots of work emails and then trying not to answer them after hours, is READ. And since I started my job, I have read three books (not counting what I've read to my kids each night). I liked all of them, so I thought I might pass on the recommendations.


Orphan Train is historical fiction crossed with present day.
And this next one made me start cleaning my room. Her parents were hoarders (mine are not).



 I didn't like the last one as much, a little too introspective maybe. It was still good enough to finish, just not the page turner that the others were.

All of these, and the two other left in the stack are from local libraries. I read Coming Clean on my Kindle through the Amazon Prime book lending program. It is actually the first book I have been able to finish on my Kindle. I guess the free ones I was picking were free for a reason.