big hair day

Our weekend was full, as seems to be the normal for at least two more weeks--and then holiday season starts. Each of my children played two soccer games, to make up for rained out games earlier in the season.

OU played so that meant parking cars and watching the game and eating with the family. I spared everyone and did not take any eating photos. I always catch people mid chew. Here is some Halloween bark we had for dessert though. Pioneer Woman recipe, as usual.
After church (an awesome day there by the way), we headed to Shawnee for a soccer game and then drove back for our church Block Party.
My daughter the fairy princess with her best friend the Cali-co Cat.

I am staff this year, so I dressed up too. Made good use of a bridesmaid dress and turned myself into the fairy queen, with droopy wings. Was in a huge hurry so my crown is a bit off kilter.
We tried on these yesterday to show my mom, and she suggested I wear the wig all the time. A friend today asked me if I had ever had long hair (and several suggested I grow mine). I told her "no, it's always been short." But, I am old and have since remembered that, well, there was high school.

Both of these were taken the summer before my senior year. It looks like I should dust off my scanner. And pray that my sister doesn't cut me off of her Christmas list permanently.

That's as long as it's been, except for maybe when I was two or something. This curl required a perm and I think those Hot Stix. And if you look through the rest of the senior pics, the curl starts sagging even before the photo shoot was done. As I stopped doing the perms, my hair cuts went shorter. There were some awkward ones with the perm and shorter that probably should never have happened. It was hard to get the perms right. And the fact that the 90's rolled in and people stopped all that big hair mess (well, some people did). I got my last perm my freshman year of college, had it a week and then went to the campus shop to get it straightened back out. And now I barely make time to finish blow drying my hair, let alone trying to curl it with Hot Stix (a different set!). Maybe I'll try more sometimes now that I've seen that the curl is worth it. Or maybe I'll just put the wig back on.