october quilt 1 {triangles}

I finished the baby quilt.

I received a half stack of aqua fat quarters from the Pink Castle Stash Stack club and dumped them on the table. Next to a pile that included that butterfly fabric that I kept trying to make work, but it just wasn't. So I decided to add the butterfly in, then kept finding more and then cut them all up into triangles. A basic experiment quilt. I had all up on my design board and then realized this was going to be the perfect baby quilt for a friend.

I was a little sad that I sewed off a lot of the triangle points. Something to work on next time. I also noticed midway through that most triangle quilts I've seen lately, the ones that inspired me to work on a triangle quilt, have the triangles arranged in a hexagon like shape rather than this offset row layout. Again, something to try next time I decide to work with right triangles.

Now I just need to work out a delivery--before her delivery!