October Quilt #3 and other finishes

Before I dive off into the quilt pictures, a couple of pictures from last weekend.

Oh, and Isaac's team won 1st place in their soccer tournament! They like those medals.

On to the quilt. I finished the picnic blanket sized scrap quilt. If there a lot of people at the picnic, it wouldn't work for that either, but I don't usually have giant crowd picnics.

I still have an overflowing blue scrap bin and never touched the black ones, so I may have to make another.

I used a sheet for the back, since I didn't want to care about getting it dirty like I would if I had made some pieced backing out of a favorite fabric. This is a sheet I got at Goodwill, but my parents had one like it. If I made this one again, I would probably use a different fabric for the binding, but I wanted to use what I had on hand. The colors work, just not sure if I like it overall. I included other details about this quilt in the previous post.

For the quilting, I did straightline quilting off of the seams of each block. Since the blocks are big I also tied the "center" of each block with a matching embroidery thread.

I also added some fancy fabric to the skirt of one of my daughter's dresses so she can be a fairy princess. Our block party is this weekend so it needed to get done.
I also finished up my fairy queen costume but mostly that required me to buy a couple of accessories, and cut a piece of fabric in half and sew the ends for a wrap thing. Maybe there will be pictures later. Maybe.

I finally made some pillows for my front porch too. I had tried to find some outdoor fabric but it was not what I liked, so I looked in my books and read how to make these slipcover kind. Then I could theoretically take off the covers and wash them occasionally.

Some day I will paint that bench, but that requires me to pick a color. I think I heard "designers are not color pickers" so much that I can never decide on a color.  leaning toward a green. Or just white, and maybe I will even sand it first so that it won't chip off immediately.
Someday I will get under that bench and see what that orange thing is.

Now I need to go finish some other things--like mopping the bathroom and kitchen and picking up the living room enough that my kids can help me clean it after school. And other "fun" things like that.

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  1. The picnic quilt is so cute! I just love all the scraps.

  2. Cute scrap quilt and I like the binding and you will never lose it -it is so bright!


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