sewing in progress

I've finished the quilt top. I've finished the quilt backing. I've sorted the scraps from the last few quilts--and then decided I needed to make a quick scrap quilt top before I launch into quilting this one.

I'm following The Missing U from Sunday Morning Quilts, although I may not make it as big. Her original design had a white piece in the middle of each block, but I omitted that. I like that the blocks are just free form piecing and each make a large block. It is going together quickly, usually about 15 minutes for one block. Just what I needed before I start the quilting on the blue and white one.

After I finish up the blocks I will iron them and then cut them all to some uniform size, roughly 15" x 15". I had three blocks up and my son walked in and asked for the quilt when I'm done. Nothing like positive feedback--although it is a bit difficult to find their beds now with all the blankets and quilts.

I also got my 100 Quilts for Kids prize--some awesome quilt patterns from Jeni Baker!

Now on to enjoy Fall Break with my family!


  1. Those scrap blocks look fabulous. I can understand why your son has staked a claim on the finished quilt.

  2. I love those rainbow blocks! I need to clean out my scraps again, I think...


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