some Friday finishes

Before I show the Friday finishes, I need to add a few pics of some pets that I forgot in the last one.

First and foremost, Chico our chinchilla.

Our cat Isabella.
And no, she did not kill any birds.

The new terrarium that Isaac brought home from school.
 I think it has fish in the bottom section and roly polies in the top.

And a couple of pictures for the praying mantis.
and what they were watching:
Katydid for dinner.

On to Friday. Both of my kids participated in a jogathon that day, and for some reason I decided I should go. It was my son's last one, and he has had the most laps the past two years, so I guess I wanted to cheer him on to finish strong. In the process I got lots of pictures of him with his friends, especially the one he ran with the entire time.

This looks how they felt on this last lap--like they were running uphill. These two ran the entire time--I think about 25 minutes.

I came back to the school to take him birthday lunch and figured I would watch my daughter in her first jogathon. Kindergarten jogathon is . . . different.

Lastly I finished a quilt top. It was late last night, but it was still a Friday finish.
When it is finished, it will be for my mother-in-law. She asked for one that is blue, white and black and I knew this would be a good opportunity to do the Blue Lagoon quilt I had wanted to try in Jelly Roll Quilts by Pam and Nicky Lintott. I won't be able to finish it this week because of other plans and a baby quilt I want to finish. But I should be able to get back to it the week after, and add one more to my list of 2013 finishes.