The past week seemed a bit too heavy, with a full calendar of work, soccer, parent teacher meetings, food deliveries, a disappointing church conference, and I can't even remember what else. Monday came, and I was tired and grumpy. Now though I'm doing better (although it's nearly bedtime so I'm tired). I've spent a lot of time praying over needs and requests that have been weighing on me. I wrote down a few things to be thankful for in my little bedside notebook that tends to get buried all to easily. I finished some little projects. And I made some things.

This quilt top is finished. When they turn out this big, I cringe because I don't have the layout space or wall space to do what I need to do. My last resort is the living room floor, but it can never stay there for long. I'm piecing together the backing now, and as I try to check the size as I go along, I know I have got to do some more work on the room design. But later.

I also started prepping for the next quilt, which a friend asked me to make for her. Right now it is a big jumble of cut up t-shirts. It's not going to look like the picture in the book. I'm just using that for some size guidelines.

My other project from last weekend was hanging the ridiculous amount of portraits I ordered of ourselves. This is just three of them. We have plaster walls, so that requires a drill. And a lot of patience.

And yes, the next cleaning project will be that dresser. The dust rag is there--that should help speed it along, right? I need some elves.

I also have two "decor" items to go on that wall or another else where in the room--this shelf to hang for my wax hand collection. Most are Isaac's, except for the pink sparkly one on the right. That shelf requires a few more tools (in the basement two floors below) in addition to the drill so it could be weeks.

I also have these LOVE letters to cover and hang. I've had them for maybe a year so far?

It will be wonderful to finish this up, but I think it's gonna be awhile. Still, it's nice to have some small projects to shift my brain out of high gear, even if the pieces do tend to sit in piles for a bit. I guess that's where my daughter gets that habit.


  1. Love the new t-shirt quilt idea!

  2. I think we all have weeks like that...Mine was this past week too. The kiddo had no school Monday, but for some reason that made the rest of the week linger on forever...weird!

    Really like your first quilt top and hope it all comes together nicely with the T shirt quilt.


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