cleaning up

While I was in  my daughter's classroom this week, I noticed the clean up song the teacher used was from something on the internet. Last night I did a quick search and found the Clean Up Robot song on schooltube. Then I turned it on. OH MY. My daughter started running around, racing up and down the stairs to put stuff away. My 5th grader was entranced by it and even started picking up. Since most of the junk about that he was picking up wasn't even his stuff, this was also a little bizarre to watch. Now our living room is so decluttered we could actually dust and vacuum if we wanted to, and since it is rainy, almost icy, and super cold, we may just do that.

As I mentioned in my last post I downloaded some photos from the past couple of weeks. My son had a project to make a cookie cookbook and then make us some of the cookies. We got to submit reviews. He made a book of five cookie recipes from my mom, and chose to make the snickerdoodles for us (and himself).

They turned out great.We had to make a last minute substitution of butter for some of the shortening, but that probably made them even better! I remembered some wise words from my cousin Jennifer, and made sure he also learned that cleaning up afterward was part of any baking or cooking project.

He also finished out the fall soccer season last Sunday.
 a selfie with the DSLR

Isaac is a defender most of the time, so this is what he does:
He chases down the ball (those long legs are good for that)
 Gets it in position
 Takes a look down the field
 And then kicks it, either off the field away from the goal or down the field to give us a chance to score.

He would go into more detail but that's the gist of it. Makes the game a little boring for his friend back there in the goal, but that's probably ok.
Now he's moved on to indoor soccer, which means I would have to take pictures through a net. You won't see many of those.

Have a great indoor warm weekend, and if you need to do some cleaning, try that Clean up Robot song. I would really rather have an actual Clean Up Robot to clean the bathrooms, but maybe the song will help a bit.