learning the new

I got a new camera this week. It is not super complicated to use, when on auto, but it still takes some learning. And new software on my computer to download the pictures, so I feel a bit behind. Here are some pics from when I first got the camera.

He decided to harvest a BUNCH of carrots. I finally made him stop because we can't eat them that fast.

And then there was Halloween.

This was before the sorting game. And do you like how the guitar gets to use the new quilt? Wouldn't want it to be cold on the couch.

Saturday was a beautiful day, with only one soccer game and no OU football. We all took a bike ride in the afternoon and then Grace and I went to the Duck Pond to see what else I could find to practice. She even climbed her first tree.

The Pink Panthers in action.

It just uploaded these all out of order but I'm just moving on.

Tomorrow I hope to post pictures of the quilt I finished last week. It was a gift given today so now I can share. Hope you all had a great weekend!