November Quilt 1: Autumn Squares

I started working on this quilt last year, cutting the fabric into rectangles. I decided on a block around a white square. I sewed a few blocks with two different fabrics each, then ripped these apart and settled on one fabric per block. I sewed a few, and then it was spring. I did not want to work on it anymore and shoved it into a bin.

A few weeks ago I decided I wanted to make a quilt for an upcoming reception. I did not have much time, so I looked at the quilt bins of planned projects, and found this one. The colors and style looked perfect.

I added some of the navy polka dot I got in October and a few more scraps that could make one block, just to add a bit more color than what I had started. Because these are made of four rectangles each, I used an open seam. When I started doing that last year, I thought I was breaking some major rule of quilting, but I did not want to cut an extra square just to work around in the traditional way. Since then I have learned that it's ok--and that it even had that name. I also learned that I need to get my hammer out and work on this hanging system on the side of my garage. It's hard enough to hang these things with out the nail falling out every time!

Still working with that camera. Looks like the flash popped on.

The quilt has been given and is now at home in Texas, with just enough Baylor green and yellow to balance out all that orange. Thank you Dinah!


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