Snow Day(s)Extravangaza and November Quilt 3 "a fall one"

A busy Friday evening turned sane when the winter storm started moving through and we could all stay home. Saturday, more of the same. We didn't really have plans anyway. Thankfully my husband mentioned the football game or I would have missed it. Those 11:00 OU games are wacky. Even more wacky when we score on the FIRST possession instead of somewhere in the second quarter. We even had a snow day today from church, and through that I also noticed that it was NOT the allergy medicine giving me a headache the past few Sundays. I'll work on that.

I told my friend her quilt would be next but I really wanted to finish the third November one in November without having to drag the sewing machine with me to the Thanksgiving meal, so I snuck a quick little baby quilt in. Last time I was at Joann I bought this cute fall fox fabric. It was still piled on the floor so I decided to use it while it is still fall AND get it off the floor at the same time.

Last week I received my half stack for the Pink Castle Fabrics Stash Stack Club. It was six orange fabrics. Yep. Orange. Luckily I could use some of those with this fabric and get that out of the house too!

The rest of the fabric either came for another order from Pink Castle, a blogger bundle I ordered once upon a time, or came from a local shop (the solids). I based the design off of the Suburban quilt in the Sept/Oct Quilty magazine, but used 10 1/2" squares instead of the bigger ones in the original design, and fewer individual fabrics.

and the lap holder

I plan to add this to my Etsy shop as soon as I can get some better pictures of the front and back of it. (It's up now). It is 44" square and would be a great baby quilt for a fall baby, or for OSU fans who like those colors but don't want a football themed baby quilt. 

So that is done, quilt 37, and that is one less thing for me to try to jam into the week ahead. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


  1. Cute little fox print in there and the colors are so pretty together:)

  2. Looks great! Love the foxes.

  3. I love how the fox peeks out of the triangles. I need to find some fox fabric. My son's teacher is Mrs. Fox. Don't you think she needs a fox table topper?


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