the boy

Most of my family posts do not have many pictures of my son. I point the camera at my daughter and she poses. I point the camera at my son and he ducks. I do have a few from the weekend and today though so I thought I would dedicate a post to him.

This is at our Missionfest Sunday morning. The kids were signing a song, and some may have been singing. Isaac was concentrating on the motions. And I was standing at the back of the room and have a lousy picture.

That afternoon we attended the open house at Wildcare. They were very interested in the squirrels, hoping to spot the one we brought a month or so ago.

I still think this would be an awesome place for him to work when he is older.

This morning he got the award he had been waiting for--the jogathon trophy for most laps. This was his third year in a row. He shared it this year with his buddy. They ran together the entire time, well, except for one lap where Isaac pulled ahead for a bit. They finished together.