the fountains

Monday night was our church's Thanksgiving Basket Party for families in our community. Despite having two phones in my pocket (because of music technical difficulties) and a small camera in my other pocket, I have no pictures of that event. Not even the decor pre-party. Next year I will ask someone else to take pictures.

Tuesday I set up the the Christmas Giving Tree for families at Lincoln Elementary. I don't have pictures of that either, because I couldn't find an extension cord for the lights. I didn't look long because I had volunteered to help with Art Day at Lincoln that afternoon.

Wednesday we were all home. I think my kids even let me stay in bed til 8. We did some cleaning in the morning and then went outside in the afternoon. Well, my son didn't. He was saving his energy for Thanksgiving day gym time. My daughter and I went on a tour of the fountains, one of her favorite walks by our house.

Fountain 1 : Energy Center plaza
Fountain 2: by engineering buildings

Fountain 3: made of rocks from all 77 counties

Fountain 4: Union courtyard
Fountain 5: also by the Union

Fountain 6: by Price Business College

Fountain 7: by the addition to Price Business College

Fountain 8: over by the fieldhouse
Fountain 9: north side of the stadium
Those icicles are why most of those fountains had no water in them right now. I think fountain #7 is heated. There was at least one more, the Pitman fountain over on the South Oval, but we were cold and done with the walk and being outdoors.

With the warmer weather, I was able to get some clearer pictures of my latest quilt and have now added it to my shop. Most of the quilts in there now are baby quilts, with even one doll quilt, so if you are wanting a locally handmade item for a new baby or child, check out my listings. If you are local, message me and I can get you a code to skip the shipping charge.

And being indoors--well, I laid some squares I had stuffed away in various bins. It will be my December giveaway quilt, probably to the local charity I found.
I won't start on the sewing until I have finished my friend's t-shirt quilt. I know I will want a small project after that one!


  1. Cant wait to see the "friends" t-shirt quilt. Loved the fountain pics.


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