finishing up at the end of the year

I've been on vacation from work since late Monday afternoon, with the exception of the Christmas eve service, and I have enjoyed the extra time at home. More time with the family and more time to finish projects, both quilting and otherwise. And more time to pick up branches in the yard.

I just finished this quilt top this morning.

fabric: layer cake of Acacia by Tula Pink with Kona bone (the solid)
pattern: Scrappy Chevron Picnic Quilt by Rhonda

I don't often buy precut squares because it is more cost effective to cut my own, plus I like to pull together my own mix of fabrics. But sometimes Missouri Quilt Co. has a good deal on one I've been eyeing. Besides the time saved, another benefit to using a whole collection is that it is training me. I get to see how others pull together different fabrics, often mixes of patterns or colors that I would not usually try.

I have this fabric I bought to use as part of the backing on a different quilt but didn't need, and works well with this one. Which is good because I have bought enough fabric lately with all the pre-Christmas sales and don't need to walk into a fabric store (real or online) for a while!

So what all did I buy?
With most of the orders I tried to stick to ones that would be good blenders throughout the year:
 This was from Fat Quarter Shop. Must have been a sale on Riley Blake fabrics.

 This was my monthly shipment of the Stash Club from Pink Castle fabrics. No sale here--just showed up with all the rest!

And these were just some yellows from JoAnn from an in-store sale. I was low on yellow. Again, I got some basics to work in with quilts throughout the year.

This last set just arrived about 5 minutes ago. It was supposed to get here Monday but I guess it wanted to be on the blog! It more of a mix from, with some for a future quilt for a teacher and then a few more to round out the order for free shipping, and even some solid white and off-white that I always need and was on sale cheaper than I could buy locally. 

That's it for my Friday finishes--a quilt top and fabric buying, probably the last purchases for several months from the looks of those stacks!