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This weekend was a bit jammed as most of them seem to be this holiday season. Some of it is my doing--a little indecisiveness on gifts--and some of it is just me adding a bit more to the schedule because I want to do one more thing. Like go in to work thirty minutes later than usual so I can add this post!

On Friday I finished up the pieces I need to finish the quilt. This is a pic of the front. I'll post the back when it's all quilted. This first picture is also proof that I finally hung those letters on the wall!

Also on Friday I joined in on the gingerbread party at my daughter's school. I am not going to be in her class for the Christmas party--it's my son's turn--so I thought this was a good compromise.

So now our table looks like this:

It's a whole village for wee people. The end one is the one she made at the class party. She keeps eating off of it.

I've also been baking a bit lately. We went to a party Saturday night and I took a banana crunch cake. Gotta use up those bananas with the brown spots!

The rest of the day was party day.

I uploaded the pic and it does this automatically. That's all I know.

 and I finished a scarf. Too bad I didn't take some yarn with me while waiting in the line for the book signing, but I knew it wouldn't work with my daughter there too.

No pictures of the party. You just had to be there. Really though, I just didn't want to make a bunch of enemies by posting pictures of people chewing!

Sunday she and her little buddies did some singing. All I had to do was sit and watch. 

I think she wants me to put the camera away. Right now.

I've delayed work as long as is wise--I've got presents to deliver!


  1. Wow! You are a busy girl! The quilt pictures just about made me cry. You are an amazing wife & mother.


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