quilts 38 and 39

With all the snow and snow days, I've also had a lot of inside time. This meant we had family cleaning time and got more of the house cleaned this week than usual. I also had time to finish a couple of little quilts.

First up is one Grace pieced together with some of her leftover scraps. She had one large piece we could use as the back, so I handed her scissors (scary) and let her go to work. It was funny hearing her as she worked out what should go where.

This was the best quilt ever to sew--it took about an hour from start to finish.

She will be keeping this one. It was a Christmas present for her dolls. :)

The next one I finished was inspired by a quilt on this blog. I remembered had some leftover squares of that fabric and decided to piece them together for a donation quilt. I thought it would be for a boy, but after I found all the fabric, well there was just too much pink. It also went together quickly, since it was so small.

It really fits with that snowy back drop.

The last one for this year will be the t-shirt quilt for Cheryl. I even made a lot of progress on that one, until I ran out of the interfacing I'm using to back each piece.
I will get the interfacing today and should be done soon!

And in the background is another one to finish up next year. It is also made up of scraps and squares leftover from other quilts.

Now it is time for family shopping day--with the kids this time since they got a snow day again! Keep warm.