The 40th quilt--Cheryl's t-shirts

She's posted the pic all over facebook already but I haven't had time to add it on here until now. I finished the tshirt quilt, my 40th quilt of the year. It is big and heavy and she loves it. It has 31 of her t-shirts on the front. Most of those on the back were backs of t-shirts, but at least two were from separate shirts. It was too heavy to stay hanging up so I got some ground shots.

I realized while working on this that I don't have any t-shirts from any concert I ever went to. Just never bought them. It was fun seeing all of those she had been too. She found a few more shirts in another closet after I was pretty much done and I think she's already thinking about another one. I will probably make a few of the other style before I make another--but I have already have a request or two for more of those. I guess this is what happens when every event has it's own t-shirt. My next project is already on my desk waiting for me to cut into it.

My cake for the work party Monday was a carrot cake. I used this recipe from one of my cookbooks, and included a cup of drained crushed pineapple. It was a hit!
I made some brownies last night for one child's party and will be making some cookies this morning for the other class. And an orange cake for tomorrow. So if you don't want to see pictures of desserts, don't look at my next post!

At that work party I got to bring home this present to add to our Christmas decor.
I was stolen for my by Joey and handmade by Crystal. I work with some creative, thieving ministers!

I also added this nativity scene to my Christmas decorations around the house.

It was already in the house but not downstairs for "all" to see. I bought it in Nazareth--it was made there, carved from olive wood. I remembered I had it this week as I was thinking about revamping some of the decor to be a bit less secular Christmas. That aspect of Christmas in America is just bothering more this year. At a different staff party, we were asked where we wanted to be on Christmas if we could go anywhere. My first thought was at home with family, but my second one--I wanted to be back in Nazareth and Bethlehem where it all began. Even if I do have to go through a security check and see that wall to get there.

But enough about that for now. I need to go eat some breakfast and start baking!


  1. I love the t-shirt quilt! It looks super warm.

  2. It looks cool and great use for all those tshirt but I wouldn't like to do over and over again for sure.

  3. I've always loved seeing projects made with T-shirts after the closet has become too full. This one is just wonderful. I hope she will enjoy it!

  4. Great work all round! You will need a sit-down after all the busy stuff you have been doing! Have a great Christmas!

  5. How was the process, making a t-shirt quilt? I love all the ones I've seen, but working with knits sort of terrifies me!

    And I so agree on the secular Christmas stuff. I found a set of silver star ornaments, each with a different name of Christ from the scriptures. It was fun to tell my children what each one meant.


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