A quilt show

I went back to the OKC Quilt Show this past weekend. I attended last year by myself and was unsure if I wanted to go back. After I found out the OKC Modern Quilt Guild had  been asked to exhibit some quilts though, I rounded up my friend and headed out. I loved that they had a display there AND that they had been asked.

My favorite quilts were those in the vintage section and those modern quilts. There were some amazing ones in the traditional group too though.

These were in the vintage section by Buckboard Quilts. 

I just found this same pattern in the September / October Quilty magazine, albeit more multi colored.

Loved how they kept all the centers the same.

This one was in the Innovative category I think. It was based off of a photograph. She basically painted with fabric. Amazing.

This is a Gypsy Wife quilt, which I LOVED. But I did not love the $25 price on the pattern book.

The next few were in the OKC Modern Quilt Guild section.

love the colors

close up of the quilting

It was fun seeing this one. I had just been reading the blog of the designer of this, which is part of a Stitched In Color online class. And then here it was!

It was great to see so many inspiring quilts. It has given me a lot to think about and plan for in the year ahead, to stretch my skills a bit and try some new techniques like hand quilting a bit (as on the quilt above). It also has piqued my interest in a Quilt Show in Fort Worth in October (wishing it was one week earlier so it would be on fall break!) and in the 2015 QuiltCon. If you don't quilt, take the time to find those shows or classes or even books for your hobby and get inspired to keep growing!