a sunny weekend

Since it was sunny out this past weekend, and wonderfully warm, well, we watched some basketball inside. We did do a pregame walk around in the stadium and try (unsuccessfully) to go look at the Sugar Bowl trophy.

The team is getting better and is fun to watch. He got to share the game with both sets of grandparents, a real treat, and they got to see him make his first game time bucket.

With the warmer weather we were also able to pull down tons of ivy off of the house. The city crew won't appreciate the bags and buckets of leaves and sticks, but at least were able to make a good start on our current home improvement project. The painters removed the rest today and have started prep. And we started prep on the garage. It is a good way to deal with the MUST paint house, sick grandparents, need more mentors kinda stress. Looking forward to making some progress in the next two days in time for our next winter storm. Hoping the garage paint will be my Friday finish--it definitely won't be a quilt at this rate.