Friday finishes

Friday is my day off and this week I spent most of it sewing. I had a bin of fabric sorted out for several months. Last week I finally settled on a design and started cutting. It is built around blocks, and I finished those this afternoon.

It will look something like this once I sew the blocks together, although I don't like that clump of brown on the bottom right so it may shift a bit.

I also forced myself to sew more rows on the other quilt.
I've tried to sew five rows each day, so I could finally finish it. I am gonna need this design board soon, and I've also gotten an idea of what to do with this one once I finish it.

We also just finished season 1 of Sherlock--which of course ended in a cliff hanger. Grrr.

Guess what donation I received at work this week? Quilts!

The group of ladies who made these is from Connecticut and sent them to CBF of Oklahoma as part of recent disaster relief efforts. They then gave them to our church to use through our community ministries. We will distribute some through our clothes closet this weekend. I set aside a few of the ones I really liked (like the one below) to use in our apartment ministry.

I will be interested to see how these are received by those we help. I have thought about making some for this purpose but wasn't sure about it. It helped to see the larger squares, scrap fabric, and other ideas that make it more cost effective to make a quilt of this size for donation. The baby quilts have been an easier fit for me so far.

That's all for Friday. If you check out this link to Crazy Mom Quilts, you can see other great projects people have finished this week.


  1. Nice job on the new quilt. I am also wondering about making quilts for more charity work. I have to think cost effective too as I do as many as I can each year. It is a hard balance.


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